Re-imagining Shakespeare

For a extremely fantastic assignment on Shakespeare, we were given the creative liberties to play around with either The Tempest or Othello and come up with a piece of our own. While some of us wrote, others drew while more still danced. In this series, we bring to you in parts the works of some of our fellows out here. The theme of the first three is Othello; one of them a 9gag page, the other a deviant art work while the third plays with urdu poetry. Hope you like it.


Our very own designer from CEPT, came up with the delightful idea of creating Facebook profiles of the Othello characters and conversing amongst each other. Check out Apoorva Singhal’s work right here. 

Palak Malik uses fun Bitstrips to create a thoroughly entertaining story set in modern times. Go through it for a good laugh and entertaining design work right here. 

Putting Ghalib in conversation with Othello to recreate his last speech makes an interesting read. Have a look at Onaiza Drabu’s take on Othello here.


Why don’t you let these entertain you for now. Wait up for the next batch!


Gender and Culture in Bombay Cinema

For our first semester at the Young India Fellowship, we had a course on Gender and Culture in Bombay Cinema by Professor Geetanjali Chanda from Yale. Throughout this exciting course, a quirky young Fellow, Kaustubh Khare took notes in a refreshing new way. He did this for more courses as well and we shall soon bring them to you, one by one. For now why don’t you have a look at the most exciting class notes here

Kaustbh is an architect from IIT Kharagpur and quite the artist right here at YIF. We shall be bringing you more of his work soon. Stay tuned to this space!