To identify and develop, unique & high potential change agents of india through a multi0disciplinary liberal-arts focused program guided by eminent leaders and scholars of our time.



YIF is a promise to help fulfill the dreams of young talented Indians who have a passion to make a difference in the society at large. 50 exceptional students selected from all over the country will be offered a free of cost, world-class learning experience to transform their perspectives, skills and world of opportunities. The eminent group of donors and mentors are committed to supporting the Young India Fellows to achieve whatever they might want to aspire – unlimited by their financial, educational, contextual constraints.



YIF is a path-breaking innovation in higher education in India. The one year multi disciplinary curriculum is structured to develop a breadth of perspectives, open minds and hone leadership skills while nurturing creativity, collaboration, empathy and adaptability. The program will also focus on training in essential skills of research, problem solving, communication & management which help in transforming ideas into enterprise or professional pursuits. It will be delivered by renowned academicians and practitioners from across the globe while being anchored by University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


YIF: Innovation in higher education

Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha ( Founding Dean, ISB Hydrabad):

“I am really excited about YIF. It goes beyond the Rhodes Scholarship. This is going to run for the very first time in India.”

Mr. Ashish Dhawan (Senior Managing Director, Chriscapital):

“ Liberal arts open a whole new world for young minds. YIF would achieve it and get the Indian higher education to a summit. Our under-graduate system needs to be changed. YIF would bring in world- class education through famous minds.”

Vineet Gupta (Director,Jamboree Education & Parabolic Drugs ltd.):

“When I was studying engineering I got an opportunity to do some Liberal Arts courses. They were the most exciting courses. If I were able to go back to 20 years I would really love to do this course. I have a passion to contribute to education therefore I decided to associate myself with it.”